Aired May 16, 2017.

6:00pm Newscast: McKinley Shooting.

Aired May 18, 2017.

10:00pm Newscast: NAS Study.

Aired May 1, 2017.

6:00pm Newscast: Poor Child Care Options.

Aired May 9, 2017.

6:00pm Newscast: Baker Water Problem.

Aired April 18, 2017.

6:00pm Newscast: Tuition Freeze.

Aired May 1, 2017.

10:00pm Newscast: Second Sight.

Aired April 4, 2017.

6:00pm Newscast: Red Light Camera Legislation.

Aired March 17, 2017.

6:00pm Newscast: The CPR App.

Aired January 1, 2017.

10:00pm Newscast: Mystery American Flag.

Aired February 6, 2017.

6:00pm Newscast: Shots fired at high school.

Aired April 8, 2017.

10:00pm Newscast: House Fire Hero.

Aired April 9, 2017.

10:00pm Newscast: Belaire High Band headed to Normandy.

Aired February 7, 2017.

6:00pm Newscast: Live Shot Tornado Touchdown in Killian.

Aired April 10, 2017.

6:00pm Newscast: 12 year old arrested for battery.

Aired March 19, 2017.

5:30pm Newscast: EBRSO Deputy Killed.

Aired March 19, 2017.

Facebook Live Cutin: EBRSO Deputy Killed.

Aired February 13, 2017.

The Price of a Second Chance: Record Expungements.

Aired February 22, 2017.

Fatal accident involving a Louisiana State Police trooper.

Aired February 20, 2017.

Vickie Willams-Tillman saves the life of BRPD Officer.

Aired January 11, 2017.

Mighty Moms of Livingston Parish.

Aired January 18, 2017.

LSU students show off their “Hyperloop” vehicle.

Aired December 28, 2016.

A balloon release to honor a hit and run victim.

Aired July 5, 2016.

Protesters swarm the scene after an armed man was killed.

Aired July 18, 2016.

A good Samaritan tries to help Baton Rouge officers.

Aired June 13, 2016.

BR joined in mourning the victims of the Pulse Club.

Aired April 6, 2016.

The city of Natchez threatens to secede from the State.

Aired March 2, 2016.

An increase of babies born addicted to Heroin.

Aired May 9, 2016.

An inside look at the Louisiana crawfish industry.

Aired February 2016.

A tornado touched down in Convent, LA.

Aired August 2016.

Flood waters overwhelmed more than just the small town.